What Topics Do You Want me to Write About Concerning the Needle-arts?

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I Would like to Celebrate Needle-Art! I know what I am interested in but, I need to know what I should write. What do you want to read?

Needlework is a creative art that can be appreciated, encouraged, preserved and shared.

Needle-art is good for the body, the mind and the spirit.

It can be meditative. It can be healing. It can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


I enjoy sharing information that I find interesting and exciting, as well as, some of my experiences. I love to share my success, but I also will share what fails. I have learned much the hard way through trial and error. I am always learning, and I find new ways to do old things or find a solution to a problem that I’m having.

Community connection is necessary. It is healthy. Humans are social, relational beings. There is a huge difference between being lonely and being alone. Social isolation and feeling lonely can have devastating effects on our health, mind, body and our longevity. Community connection is necessary. For generations, quilting bees have brought individuals together to share ideas, collaborate on a joint project to create and to enjoy kindred companionship. I enjoyed working on a sesquicentennial quilt several years ago for our church. I made some new friends through this event. I learned from others. I enjoyed the companionship of working on a shared project. I enjoyed sharing thoughts, ideas and solving problems.

Then I would go home and work on my craft alone.

Being alone by choice or solitude can foster creativity. Freedom from distraction can spark creativity and happiness from within. In solitude, we can meditate. Ideas come to us. There is a place for community and social interaction. There is also a place for solitude.

Socially isolated is what we do NOT want to feel. 

Hooray for Technology!   Let’s share through the internet.

There are those whose very location is socially isolating. Today we have the internet.  We have social media. Many websites have a huge amount of material, ideas, and information, some similar, some very different.  Recently I have connected with a few groups through social media where we are exchanging hexi flowers with one another. We each usually send a little note or a card with the flower. Here is a prime example of connection by the Internet.  Initially, we connected with a Facebook group. I enjoy making a hexi flower for someone else and look forward to the return. These individuals share from all around the world. There can be huge, meaningful connection through technology. I know that there are people who would like to look for something in particular for their craft or find out how to do something. They want to read about their interests. I want to know where your interests lie.

I’ll share my opinions, as a review, on books and products.

I intend to create patterns and write e-books. There is much information that I find interesting and exciting that I want to share. I’ll post some of my experiences that I think you may want to know.

If I am writing about needle-arts, what would you like to see me write? It is so very easy for me to push my passions on to you but what are you interested in reading?

Please take the survey below!


Please tell me below in the comments section if there is a needlework field that you love or another topic/subject that you would like me to write on.

  • What are your needle arts interests?
  • Is there a topic in that field that you would you like to read or learn.
  • Tell me.
  • Help me out by commenting or answering the survey questions!

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Author: Karen Monteith

Karen is a writer, needle artist, nature lover and gardener who loves to share such information and to encourage the needle arts.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    Nice post here and it’s great to see that you’re taking the interests of your readers seriously and then offering to create content that will be of interest and of help to them.

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