In Memory of my Mother on Mother’s Day.

My mom
In memory of my mom who encouraged me to sew, embroider, knit and crochet.

I remember encouragement. Whatever I made was wonderful in my mother’s eyes.

This post celebrates my mom. She passed on two and one-half years ago now. I remember her every day. There is much I could write about, but I think I will focus on her encouragement with the needle arts.

When I was about 11  (note: I started grade 1 at four yrs. old), I took a class in grade 8 that was called home economics.  I attended the class in another school in the center of town. Because we lived just beyond the city bus route, I would need to walk to the location where the bus picked us up and ride it into the town. All that I learned in that Home Economics class I enjoyed. I must have been destined to love the needle arts. I did have encouragement! When I learned a new skill, we would go shopping to buy the necessary supplies and materials to begin.

  • From what I remember, I started by making a shoe bag. I gave it to my mom, and she used it til it fell apart.
  • Next, I made a laundry bag, and I surface embroidered something on the front. I cannot remember what the picture was to this day, but it was from an ‘Aunt Martha’s pattern which we ironed onto the surface. She used that as well.  I made a toaster cover, a mix master cover and embroidered those as well.
  • I proceeded to learn Huck weaving/Swedish weaving. This type of embroidery resonated as my nickname was Huck. My last name was Huculak.  My mom bought me some Huck toweling, and I made beautiful embroidered bathroom guest towels using the Huck weaving method.
  • My mom was a working mom in 1961, doing the books in the family business and she decided to buy a Singer-Slant-o-Matic Sewing machine. This machine was quite a high tech one at that time. Brand new on the market. This machine arrived with classes. Because my mom worked, I went for the classes. I loved every minute and completed a lovely box pleated skirt in that session. I believe that I was hooked on being able to be creative and make whatever I wanted out of whatever. I can now see that the machine was likely for me, not for her. She did not sew that I remember other than a bit of mending until long after I was married.
  • I was now making some creative 60’s clothing throughout high school.
  • I did not start to crochet or to knit until about 19 years old.

But, no matter what I made, in my mom’s eyes, it was fabulous. I can now see that the constant encouragement and the celebration of whatever I made were instrumental in my moving forward as a successful needle artist. I kept on with various needle art activities. In memory and celebration of my mom’s encouragement toward me.  I remember my mom today for many reasons but also for her needle arts support. It became a large part of my life. Thanks, MOM!

Author: Karen Monteith

Karen is a writer, needle artist, nature lover and gardener who loves to share such information and to encourage the needle arts.

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