Why I Write

I need to write every day. Every single day!

  1. If I write every single day, I don’t miss days as easily.
  2. Once I miss one day it is easier to miss two.
  3. I feel better when I write.

  • I have always felt the need to write. It is strong. It is overpowering sometimes. I cannot explain it. The sharing is the difficult part for me. I question my writing. I worry about grammar, content, what everyone will think of my ideas, etc. Still, I write. I am starting to share. It is difficult to share.
  • It helps me to focus.
  • I’m a day-dreamer. I’m curious. Once I write things down I start to concentrate on what I am writing and what consumes my thoughts.
  • It helps me to process what is happening around me.
  • I am a thinker. Sometimes, events and actions¬†become overpowering for me in the outside world. If I start to write about what is going on, occasionally, I feel better about all. I can process at a different level. I can think about the topic from other perspectives than my own.
  • It helps me to deal with problems (big and little).
  • We all have problems. Some are big, some are small, even trivial. If I write down problems, deal with them on paper and make a plan it helps. If I decide if it is outside of my control, I may just need to let it go. What seemed like a problem sometimes becomes trivial once it is written down.
  • It helps me to generate ideas.
  • When living a writing life there are ideas everywhere. If I write down what I think would be interesting for me to investigate, there will always be something to write about. I hear things all around me and I will think “I better remember that because that would be interesting to write about or that will fit in with some aspect of my writing.” Sometimes I think of days gone by and what happened. This has created a desire to write some stories…perhaps some memoir.
  • My day feels complete when I have written. I feel satisfied and content. It is that important to me. If I write every day then it is easier to become consistent. It becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. Miss a day and it is easier to miss two.
  • It helps me to produce something valuable to share.
  • I am often told to write it down when I talk about something. Hopefully, these people feel there is value in what I said and that it should be written down to share or to keep for posterity. There are lessons in life and information that I have attained that I feel the need to share. The only way to do this for posterity is to write it down.

Author: Karen Monteith

Karen is a writer, needle artist, nature lover and gardener who loves to share such information and to encourage the needle arts.

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