Bullet Proof Tea My Way

Part 1 of 2

Bullet-Proof Coffee is fine and I do like coffee occasionally. But, I am really a tea drinker.

It is my understanding that Tim Ferris makes Titanium tea with Pu’er tea, green tea, and shaved turmeric and ginger. After steeping and pouring into the cup/mug he stirs in MCT oil. However, I have made my own changes.

 Karen’s Bullet-Proof Tea

Makes 1 pot of tea.


1 teaspoon Pu’er tea leaves

1 level teaspoon dragon pearls green tea

Ginger shavings

Turmeric shavings

A couple of black peppercorns crushed

A bit of cinnamon bark

1 or 2 whole cloves

1 or 2 cardamom pods


1 Tbsp. good quality MCT oil

1 sliver of good quality organic grass-fed butter


To begin, fill the tea infuser with Pu’er black tea and the ginger and turmeric shavings, black peppercorns, cinnamon bark, clove(s) and cardamom (pods).

Place the tea steeper into a preheated teapot.

Fill the pot with boiled water.

Let it steep for a couple of minutes.

Green tea is best with water that has cooled a little, so I add the green tea last.

Steep for about 3 more minutes.


From what I have read I believe that turmeric (cur-cumin) is better absorbed with a bit of black pepper, I added a couple of crushed peppercorns. I chose to add a cardamom pod(s), cloves and a small bit of cinnamon bark as well. I steep this (creating a hint of chai tasting) concoction (tea) in a teapot or my French press. Into my first poured cup, my other additions are 1 Tbsp. good quality MCT oil and a sliver of organic grass-fed cultured butter as used in Bullet-Proof coffee. I froth it in a simple hand-frother. You can froth it with a Magic Bullet. It is creamy and delicious. Both Pu’er and green tea can be infused more than once. I only drink one cup first thing in the morning with the butter and MCT oil but continue to drink the tea infusion til the pot is empty. I save the spice/tea mix that was in the infuser to make a second pot during the day. I  think Pu’er and green tea loses its caffeine content when brewed a second or third time and still makes good tea with less caffeine.

Part 2 to follow.

Health Benefits of the Ingredients in Bullet Proof Tea follows in the next post.

Author: Karen Monteith

Karen is a writer, needle artist, nature lover and gardener who loves to share such information and to encourage the needle arts.