Bullet Proof Tea My Way

Part 1 of 2

Bullet-Proof Coffee is fine and I do like coffee occasionally. But, I am really a tea drinker.

It is my understanding that Tim Ferris makes Titanium tea with Pu’er tea, green tea, and shaved turmeric and ginger. After steeping and pouring into the cup/mug he stirs in MCT oil. However, I have made my own changes.

 Karen’s Bullet-Proof Tea

Makes 1 pot of tea.

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Spicy Carrot Soup


Ready to go into the Blender. Blend cooled soup in batches to avoid it spurting out the top.

I am on a vegetarian journey. This is a totally new way of cooking for me. Meat is no longer the focus of the meal. In fact there is no place for meat in my meal now. I am in my 49th year of marriage and that has always been the focus when cooking. That is a great many meals with meat. I consider myself a good cook and my friends and family tell me that I am. But, I am up for learning a new way of creating attractive, nutritious meals minus the meat.

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2017 Update

2017 is upon us, and we are already two months into the year. I am happy to announce that I am earnestly working away on my blog/website and writing every day. It feels good to be working away at it.

Unfortunately, life does not always happen the way we wish.  Life threw some curve balls, and it has taken this long to get back on track. I prefer not to give explanations at this time.

Consequently, I decided to move some of the content from the needlework website over to this one. I feel that it will be easier to maintain only one site as opposed to two. There will be times when I will have limited internet as well because of life’s changes. I will do the best that I can to make regular posts and grow the dictionaries and other content.

So, stay tuned, please check back regularly to see what I have to share.

The Only Constant is Change

hand sewn quilt
I have been working on this project for many months. It is entirely hand sewn!

I am back! Sorry for being gone so long.

I continued hand sewing the pieces together in the quilt above throughout the past several months. However, I have not been here.

When I first started my blog I had great ambition and great ideas about how it should be, how often I would do this and that and every other thing.

Well, sometimes we have a vision and other things happen in our lives that change how we can manage that image.

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Do what is good for your soul.
Do what is good for your soul!

What do You Love to Do?  Be inspired by what you love!

Anyone who is following their heart and doing what is important to them inspires me. I don’t think that it matters what it is that a person does as long as it fills them with joy.

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