About me

My name is Karen Monteith. I reside in beautiful Barrie, Ontario, which is on the shore of Lake Simcoe with my husband and our friendly dog Missy. We have three children, two of which are married and have blessed us with four fabulous, active grandchildren, three boys, and a girl. We are very fortunate that they are a big part of our lives.

Not only have I wanted to write this blog/website for some time now, but I have been encouraged by both my family and close friends to do so. At the same time, I have begun writing a book. There will be more about the book shortly. I will be writing e-books and patterns that will be available through the website.

I have several interests that include many forms of needle arts, reading, organic gardening, health, and travel.

My aim is to share, encourage and preserve the needle arts. I’ll read and review books and products. I’ll post my works in progress (both failures and successes) with follow-up patterns. I plan to share information that I find interesting and exciting, as well as, some of my experiences that I think you may want to know.

I have been a stay-at-home mom, self-employed and employed, in no order of priority.

I have worked in many capacities over the years until retirement. Some paid, some unpaid but, nevertheless the experiences have taught me a great deal that I could call on at a later date.

I owned a millinery and custom sewing shop in Barrie. I created and sold hats in the store as well as in Toronto. I have created custom lace and hand-beaded wedding gowns as well as everything from custom work to alterations.

I have been self-employed working in import/export.

I wrote a mail-order catalog focusing on environmentally friendly choices.

I became a certified wedding planner.

I love nature, Georgian Bay, and gardening.

I love art. In fact, in high school, I seriously considered focusing on art for further education, but it was not to be, so, I dabble at it on my own, and it comes out in my needlework and my writing.

I enjoy doing things by hand. It’s the process I enjoy, whether it is knitting, quilting, growing organic vegetables or making homemade soup.

I love to read and to research. I am a bookworm. I am a lifelong learner!

I am at the moment trading hand-sewn hexies with like-minded people worldwide and will make a quilt with these.

I am recreating the needlework dictionaries that were on my original website many years ago. The site became infected, and I removed it as it would cost far too costly to repair.